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Booking - expectations - duties

Contact: No deposit or upfront payment is required to book my services. Just call or email me to check on availability. You can also check the schedule page on this site. If I am already booked for a meet, then my daughter will help Score Your Meet. She has done numerous meets in my absence. I will remain on-call incase of any issues.

Scoring Equipment: I do not possess scoring equipment. Clubs have the option of using/renting scoring equipment from NSGEL. This can be negotiated with Gerry Denk - they have 5 sets of scoring equipment. Click on this link NSGEL for contact information.

Fees: Call/email for scoring fee details. Scorer fee will vary on whether the meet is one/two/three-day meet. Fee is for scoring on ONE set of scoring equipment. For a dual meet (2 sets of scoring equipment) my daughter (Ex TCT Level 10 gymnast) can be hired to cover the other set of scoring equipment.

Scorer: I will score the meet - for a double booking - my daughter will score the meet. She has years of experience scoring meets with me and she is also capable of doing so by herself.

PTF: The ProScore Transfer File is requested to be sent a day or so before the meet is due to start. Once the file is received and imported, I will check Sessions, Squads, Levels, and particularly Age Divisions. Age Division can be tricky sometimes!

Event Final: I can setup an Event Final Session if so wanted. It has to be done while the meet is in progress, takes a little time but can be done - no problem.

WiFi: If Live Scoring is required then WiFi at the facility must be available. WiFi is NOT required to run the Judges Score Pads - they run on an independent internal WiFi Router

Duties: Here are details of duties performed throughout the meet:


  • Scorer will be present for the whole meet - from the beginning (Setup) to the end (Takedown).
  • Equipment will be assembled/setup at the venue in an area at the coaches discretion.
  • NSGEL will provide all scoring equipment: iKeypad, computers, WiFi routers, printers, TVs, power cables, battery packs, etc.
  • 110 volt power outlet will be required in the vicinity of the scoring table and the flat screen TVs.
  • Preferred furniture required: three 8 Foot tables and one comfortable chair.
  • Optional furniture: Two more 8 foot tables to raise the flat screen TVs higher.
  • NSGEL can also provide HDMI splitters for multiple displays.
  • Optional WiFi HDMI Transmitter/Receiver can also be supplied to replace HDMI cables.
  • Scorer will arrive at the venue with plenty of time to spare.
  • Reports printed at the start of meet:
    • Session Registration
    • Rotation Schedules
    • Judges blank Score Sheets
    • Coaches Sign-in sheet (Providing PTF for meet is imported)
  • Training given to parents on iKeyPad score entry.
  • After "scratches" - Rotation Schedules and Judges sheets are printed and delivered to judges tables.
  • Once the meet has started - score input and uploading will be monitored.
  • After each rotation - Judges Score sheets will be checked against scores in computer Database.
  • Any score discrepancies and "enquiries" will be rectified.
  • Scores will be updated "live streaming" to this Website or any Website at the coaches discretion.
  • Live streaming will also be sent to USAG (MyUSAgym) and MSO (Meet Scores Online).
  • Live streaming of results can be terminated at anytime at the coaches discretion.
  • At the end of the Session - award reports will be printed after the last score sheet has been verified.
  • Hard copies of the Session Meet results will be printed for display (Coaches discretion)
  • Hard copies of the Session Meet results will be printed for Club coaches - if requested.
  • At the end of meet - backup PTF (ProScore Transfer File) file will be made and given to coach.
  • Optional CSV (Comma Separated Value - Excel) can be made and given to coach.
  • Scoring equipment will be dismantled, packed up, and handed back to NSGEL.

Conclusion: I will do everything to make your meet a success. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require anymore information!




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