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iKeyPad Video Guide - iKeyPad Score Entry (13 minutes)

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NEW RULES 2018-2021

Meet hosts MUST post meet result to the "myusagym" app! For a sanctioned event to be used for mobility or State Championship Qualifying, the meet host must upload their meet results with in 72 hours of the completion of their meet. Meet hosts that do not use ProScore or Beyond your Scores software will have to submit CVS files with results to Brian Fry. He will create a meet and upload the results for you. The cost is $100 for his service. If you do an in-house meet, mock meet, and any type of sanctioned meet that you want to use the scores for qualifying or mobility, then the results must be posted on the app! If you go to an out of state meet, and they do not post the results to the app, then you can submit a copy of the results to your State Board member who is in charge of athlete tracking. Scot Gallagher for JO, Oksana Balakirev for Xcel Bronze - Silver, and Pete Lesch for Xcel Gold - Diamond.



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